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The COST Action 18224 GREENERING is announcing the 2nd GREENERING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE which will be held in Valladolid (Spain) from March 21st to March 23rd, 2023.

The conference has the objective to gather academics, researchers, and companies in an international forum to promote the application of green chemistry and sustainable technologies into industries with the environment, innovation, economy, and policy aspects in focus.

We invite YOU to join the conference and share your GREEN ideas with us!


1. Alternative solvents: (SCFs, Ils, DES, W)

2. Biorefinery: bioproducts and bioenergy

3. CO2 capture and utilization

4. Green reaction and catalysis

5. Polymers and advanced materials

6. Applications I: care and health products, food and agriculture technology

7. Applications II: bioelectronic and construction

8. Scale-up and industrial applications


Dr. Ana Rita Duarte (UNl-FCT, Portugal)

Dr. Ana Rita C. Duarte is Associate Professor with habillitation at the Chemistry Department from Nova School of Science and Technology. Her main research interests are the use of green technologies for the development of biomaterials. In particular, the use of water, and supercritical fluids together with the exploration of natural deep eutectic solvents for pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. She is highly committed with the translation of research into sustainable industry. In 2016 she co-founded the start-up HydrUStent as result of her work as Research Assistant at the 3B’s research group at Universidade do Minho, where she worked for 10 years. In 2016 she was awarded an ERC consolidator grant entitled: DES.solve – When Solids Become Liquids: Natural Deep Eutectic solvents for Chemical Process Engineering, to proceed the developments on green technologies. After this 5 year project, in 2022 she was awarded an ERC Proof of Concept grant to pursue one of the technologies developed withing DES Solve. In between, 2018, she co-founded Des Solutio, a spin-off company from FCT-NOVA to develop safer and greener alternatives to the chemicals that are usually used in the production of beauty, pharmaceutical, personal care and other products, based in the new knowledge acquired in her research career. She is the Action Chair of COST Action Greenering which involves more than 250 participants from 34 different countries.

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Dr. W. de Vos (U. Twente, The Netherlands)

Prof. Dr. Ir. Wiebe M. de Vos initiated and chairs the research group “Membrane Surface Science” (MSuS) at the University of Twente. Within his group Prof. de Vos successfully combines his background in the fundamentals of colloid and surface science with the much more applied field of membranes. His work in encompasses the coating of membranes for various functional enhancements, including anti-fouling, enhanced separations, easy-to-clean membranes and virus in-activation, but also entails the production of membranes using sustainable approaches such as aqueous phase separation. The unique membranes developed in this way, often also lead to new membrane processes, allowing effective and sustainable approaches to produce clean water from challenging sources.

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Dr. Motonobu Goto (U. Nagoya, Japan)

Dr. Eng. Motonobu Goto is Emeritus Professor at Nagoya University. During his long and fruitful career (more than 450 published papers in international academic journals) in Chemical Engineering and Materials Processing Engineering, he has received numerous awards, the latest The SCEJ Award of The Society of Chemical Engineering of Japan in 2020. His research interests include supercritical fluid technology such as extraction, reaction, and material processing and plasma technology. Hi is vice-president of International Society for Advancement of Supercritical Fluids. Since beginning of 2022, he is director of Super Critical Technology Centre, Co, Ltd. A company oriented to the industrial implementation of cleaner processes in a recycle oriented processes.